Warrenville Lakes collects Homeowners Association dues on a monthly basis. Association Fees for 2024 remain $238.00 per month. You may prepay your dues through the end of the current calendar year. Any dues paid late are subject to a charge of $25 per incident.

You may pay your dues by mail or in person at our local Old Second National Bank location, Rt. 59 & Meadow\Continental Dr., using your provided payment coupons. If you visit "our" Old Second National Bank location, you must pay inside at the teller counter or at the drive-up lane - do not use the ATM or Night Deposit Box (if you do, you deposit will probably be significantly delayed or lost, and will not be excused a late fee). Do not visit any other Old Second National Bank location - only the Warrenville location is set up to take payments in person. 

You may also pay using an electronic bank payment system by sending your payment to:

OSB Dept #0040 WLHA
PO Box 5905
Carol Stream, IL 60197-5905

In place of an account number, please indicate "Post to Unit xx-xxx". You can find your unit number in your payment coupon book.

As always, a $25 late fee will be added to any account not received by the 10th of the month.

In the event your payment is returned to us unpaid (NSF) you will be charged for the cost of the returned item to the association ($10.00) in addition to any fees charged by your bank. In the event you pay prior to the 10th of the month and your item is returned to us unpaid, your payment will only be considered on time if your replacement payment is also received by the 10th of the month and it is not returned unpaid.

In the event of errors by Warrenville Lakes staff, our bank or service providers, late fees will be waived.  Errors by you, your employer, your bank, the postal service, or others outside our control cannot be granted this consideration.

If there are repeated issues with returned payments, we may request you pay only in certified funds or cash.

If you drop your payment off at our local Old Second Bank branch after the 10th of the month, you may notice a delay in the payment clearing through your bank account.  The bank holds these late payments until the end of the month when more payments start to come in before processing it.  We are not notified when this happens, but can make inquiries with the bank on your behalf if you have concerns.  Please contact the Accounts Manager if you have specific concerns.  (This does not apply to payments mailed to the Bank Lockbox address.  Lockbox payments are usually processed by the bank and communicated to us on the day of receipt.)