Warrenville Lakes is run by volunteers.  We have opportunities with varying levels of commitment requirements.

  • Directors
    • Directors are the Association's executives.  The Association statutory officers (President, Secretary, Treasurer) and other officers are selected from among the Directors based on experience.  A Director position can entail as little as 3 hours work per month (but most commit more than that).  Only Owners (those listed on a property deed) are elegible for these positions.
  • Finance Committee
    • The Finance Committee meets 4-5 times per year for several hours to determine budget levels for next year, and assess ongoing spending levels, investment opportunities, and more.  You do not need an MBA to assist; only an interest in your community, and how we spend the money you give us.  Owners and residents are welcome.
  • Butterfly Garden
    • Our fairly new butterfly garden in the park is becoming more established every year. It also needs regular maintenance. The Board will facilitate several maintenance/weeding events per year, and will send out announcements looking for voluneers who enjoy gardening and beautification. 
  • Newsletter
    • We need newsletter articles!  Do you want to encourage interest and participation in a community project?  Your submissions are welcome and will be evaluated for inclusion.
  • Social
    • We would love to have a summer bbq\block party.  Will you help organize and get the word out?  Other projects...neighborhood garage sale, planting flowers, etc.
  • Pond
    • Our pond needs our help to stay beautiful.  This requires cleaning up the shore line, cutting back cattails, and general muddy, dirty work.  Its a lot of fun - and the only time you're actually allowed in the pond.  Look for dates every 1-2 summers, and come out on a Sat morning for a dirty job, followed by a light lunch!

If you are interested in helping with any of these projects, please Contact Us.  Some of these projects could be used for school credit, Eagle Scout\Gold Award projects, or community service requirements.