New Email Contact Address

 The email has been retired for security reasons. 

We have migrated to a new secure service. Please use the following email to contact us. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Work Request Resident Portal

* For 2020 - Tikkit is now Gridium (same company, new name) 

All Warrenville Lakes residents will have access to the work request portal via the following website: 

Work Request Portal - Gridium


How does it work?
Simply sign up with your email address. 
You will be emailed a link from Gridium that will automatically sign you in. 
Fill out the required information, as detailed as possible, what your issue/request is. 
Your work ticket will automatically be created for WLHOA mgmt and our Site mgr to see. 
Logging in again to the portal will allow you to monitor your work request status, seeing what tasks are outstanding, and even be notified when they are complete.